Sports crisis management

Is the latest Tiger Woods scandal the end for one of golf’s icons?

When a young African American took the world of golf by storm, he redefined what it meant to play what had until then been a predominantly white male preserve.

No black man had even been allowed to play the course until six years before 1997, when 21-year-old Woods delivered one of the greatest performances ever seen at a golf major.

Quickly becoming World Number One, Woods won 14 majors and become the first sportsman to earn over $1 billion

And then it all fell apart...

After another PR disaster, what can we learn from the United Airlines crisis?

Images of a passenger being forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight dominated the news recently.

And then this weekend, a flight attendant after he was filmed challenging a passenger to a fight at the front of an aircraft cabin.

‘United Airlines PR disaster’ currently has more than three million hits on Google. For an airline which boasts the slogan ‘fly the friendly skies,’ the fact that the incident came so soon after two teenagers were blocked from a flight for wearing leggings underlines consistent mismanagement.

So what can sports brands learn from the catalogue of errors that hit United’s reputation and share price, particularly if you have never encountered a threat to your reputation before?

How do you turn around the reputation of elite cycling?

Trying to restore the reputation of one of the most damaged sports in the world is no easy task.

But that’s exactly the challenge Sébastien Gillot accepted when he moved from AIBA, the International Boxing Association, to join UCI under the stewardship of newly-installed President Brian Cookson.

Calacus spoke to Gillot to find out how the PR strategy has been devised.

There's a lot of misinformation – football agent Rachel Anderson lifts the lid on football transfers

January sees the opening of the football transfer window, with clubs looking to sign replacements for injured players, boost title or promotion pushes or increase their chances of staving off relegation.

The media goes mad for the rumour mill while fans around the world avidly chew up every single nugget of information, Sky Sports News turning the entire month into an event and clubs deciding whether to stick or twist with so much at stake.

Sports agents have been much maligned over the years, criticised for taking money out of the game without adding value and unsettling players or prompting speculation through the media when they want another payday.

Of course, the reality is not so cut and dried as agent Rachel Anderson explains...

The art of the press conference – Jurgen Klopp shows how it's done

Being a football manager is a thankless task.

Whether you're one of the greatest managers of all time or struggling at the foot of the table, there will always be moments of great triumph and support and moments of 'crisis' and vilification.

Jurgen Klopp had a superb record at Dortmund, winning the title twice as well as other trophies but it was the charm and humility he showed in his first major Liverpool press conference that will have impressed media and pundits alike.