Barack Obama

Why Jacques Rogge must take a lead on golf gender equality

If you walked into a shop and were told you had to leave because of the colour of your skin, your religion or sexual orientation, it would create massive controversy and become a massive story.

There are often reports of small hotels, for instance, that ban certain people from staying at their venues, such as the Cornwall hotel which was judged to have acted unlawfully for banning a gay couple from staying in one of its rooms.

PR 101 – is anything ever really 'off the record'?

As a journalist I was taught that nothing is ever off the record.

In the high pressure, fast paced world of media, getting a good story was always paramount.

If I was told something by a contact, I was taught to find another source to substantiate the story if I was inclined enough to want to protect my source.

Cameron gives out mixed radio messages

When David Cameron became Conservative Party leader a few years ago, his polished delivery and rhetoric was a breath of fresh air.

John Major, William Hague and Iain Duncan Smith were grey and unconvincing by comparison and Cameron has successfully dealt with the two major challenges that faced him when he took over as leader of the opposition.