Bradley Wiggins

Team Sky: what happens when high ethical standards appear to slip?

Since their creation in 2009, Team Sky have always proclaimed their zero tolerance approach to doping, a refreshing change from the negativity that surrounded elite cycling for so many years.

But perception is reality when crisis strikes and Team Sky’s determined clean and transparent mantra has come back to hurt them. The higher you proclaim your values to be, the harder the fall if you are implicated in any sort of controversy.

How do you turn around the reputation of elite cycling?

Trying to restore the reputation of one of the most damaged sports in the world is no easy task.

But that’s exactly the challenge Sébastien Gillot accepted when he moved from AIBA, the International Boxing Association, to join UCI under the stewardship of newly-installed President Brian Cookson.

Calacus spoke to Gillot to find out how the PR strategy has been devised.