David Seaman

SpottoCash appoints Calacus as ‘spot-the-ball’ makes digital comeback

Calacus has been appointed by SpottoCash to help with the launch of its new weekly ‘spot-the-ball’ competition with former England and Arsenal goalkeeper David Seaman M.B.E.

Unlike traditional ‘spot-the-ball’ competitions, SpottoCash is a game of skill with a panel of experts deciding live and online where they believe the centre of the ball should be. The weekly winner will win a guaranteed cash prize of £10,000.

Calacus Managing Director, David Alexander, said: “‘Spot-the-ball’ was always a favourite at home when I was a boy and SpottoCash has identified a real gap in the gaming market by bringing it back for the digital age. Let’s be honest, if anyone can spot a ball, it’s David Seaman, one of the greatest goalkeepers of the modern era.”