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Calacus appoints Kate Brewer to senior consultant role

London, August 5, 2014 – Calacus has appointed Kate Brewer as a Senior Consultant.

Kate joins from Performance Communications where she spent six years working for clients including online betting comparison site Oddschecker, sports nutrition company Multipower, BMW sports marketing and sailing sponsor Pindar as well as UK Athletics sponsor Alfa Romeo and the Gold Challenge.

Before joining Performance Communications, Kate worked in the press office for the Laureus World Sports Awards and Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, a current Calacus client.

She will manage Laureus UK PR support for Calacus as well as leading lead new business development strategy.

Led by David Alexander, Calacus provide PR consultancy to organisations with an interest in sport, working with governing bodies, sponsors, suppliers and charities.

Kate said: “I’m really excited to be joining Calacus, having worked with David Alexander over the past ten years.

“Calacus has a great mix of sports and charity clients and I’m looking forward to helping the agency built on its success.”

David Alexander said: “I’ve told Kate since we first starting working together many years ago that I would jump at the chance to work with her if the opportunity arose and she will undoubtedly strengthen our senior team.” 

Current Calacus clients include the AIBA, the international boxing association; The Laureus sport for Good Foundation; IOC Member Sergey Bubka; Geneva 2014 Sports Convention; and charities including HEART UK and Macmillan Cancer Support.

PR Moment - Top tips for strong journalist/PRO relationships

Where would journalists be without PROs? BBC economics editor Robert Peston, may have labelled them “the enemy” in his recent speech, but there is no question that in today’s media environment, journalists are dependent on PR contacts for a huge amount of content. And this dependency is growing.

In their turn PROs rely upon journalists to disseminate information accurately. So it’s important that they appreciate what journalists need, what their pressures are and how they work in order to become indispensable.

How to be indispensable to journalists

David Alexander, managing director at agency Calacus Public Relations: “I was a journalist for a decade and I found a lot of PROs didn’t know quite how to take advantage of journalists by feeding us information about their clients that could have been beneficial. When I moved into PR, I had strong contacts, but none of them would ever do me a favour or place a story without the merit to justify its publication. They know who I work for and they know they will always get a straight answer. They know that if I contact them I won’t waste their time.”

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Sport has the power to transform communities – Sergey Bubka

IOC Member Sergey Bubka has reiterated his belief that sport has the power to transform communities, bring people together and can be used as a means of positive change.

We have worked with Mr. Bubka for a number of years, organising charity visits around the world and promoting his vision about the importance of sport in society.

Calacus was honoured to have been invited to the Ukraine National Olympic Committee centenary celebrations held in Kiev in the spring of 2013, organised by Mr. Bubka, who is the organisation’s President.

During the event, it was clear that Ukraine enjoys a passion for sport that appeared to be shaped by the vision Mr. Bubka has for the well-being of his country.

Of course, the past year has been one of great change for Ukraine.

With an unsettled political situation, the country faces great challenges and yet Mr. Bubka, who is also the IAAF Vice President, has continued his drive to promote the importance of sport.

“It’s true that Ukraine is going through a difficult period and there are many challenges to address,” said Mr. Bubka. “But it is my job to ensure that sport continues to be used as a tool for positive development both within Ukraine and around the world.

“Sport has been my life and I learnt so many lessons about discipline, respect, dedication and collaboration through my sporting experiences.

“But I also saw the dreams of many taken away when boycotts were held ahead of the Los Angeles Olympic Games in 1984. It is one of the darkest episodes of my life and I am determined to do all I can to ensure no athlete is denied the opportunity to compete at the highest level because of politics.

“Even during Sochi 2014, the Ukraine Olympic team continued to compete and hopefully raised spirits and united our compatriots back home.”

One such example was the highly successful UEFA EURO 2012 where thousands of football fans were welcomed from around the world and Mr. Bubka believes that such events are vital for national sporting development.

He added: “We as Ukrainians were proud to welcome a wide range of sports fans and share in the excitement and drama of sport. Even during the most challenging times that we have faced this year, the government has continued to support the investment in sport and the ideals of the Olympic Movement.

“I have discussed my vision at length with IOC President Thomas Bach, IAAF President Lamine Diack and many others within our international family of sport. We all serve a common purpose: to protect the integrity of sport; to engage with young people to ensure that we do not lose a generation for whom a sedentary lifestyle is now more tempting and available than ever before; and to inspire new and existing audiences through participation and support.”

PR Moment - Don’t let PR get you down

Let’s face it, this hasn’t been the greatest start to the year, horrible weather, depressing news (well, isn’t it always?) and continuing financial pressures are not good for your mental, or physical health. On top of that, working in PR, chances are you have to work long hours in a sedentary role.

It is important for the health of the business, however, that your working culture encourages a healthy and sane environment. If people are absent due to illness, it puts pressure on team members and costs money.

Kourtney Shaw, consultant at PR agency Calacus, describes how she combats the unhealthy pressures of working in PR: “I try to exercise at least three times a week before work begins. If you just wake up and do some exercise it’s done, dusted and out of the way so you can go and enjoy those social events without fear of piling on extra pounds from calorific cocktails and canapés. I also use the time at the gym to catch up on daily news by listening to the radio while I’m jogging.”

“Late nights working, client worries and being ‘always-on’ can put a strain on you both physically and mentally so I try to switch-off at least 30 minutes before I go to sleep. I’ll read a book, a magazine, or listen to a Radio Four podcast. I tend to listen to radio shows which I wouldn’t usually associate with work (for instance, BBC Radio Ulster’s Everyday Ethics) but are still intellectually stimulating and entertaining. They can spark creativity and are thought-provoking and most importantly, stop me from looking at a screen.”

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Macmillan appoints Calacus to run national legacy giving awareness campaign

LONDON, December 12, 2013 – Macmillan Cancer Support has appointed Calacus to run a national campaign to encourage more people to leave charity donations in their wills.

Macmillan wants to raise awareness of the importance of gifts in wills in funding their work as well as their newly launched discounted will writing service to encourage more people to consider supporting the charity in this way.  

While more than 70 per cent of people in the UK give to charity, fewer than a tenth of these then leave money to charity in their wills..

Helen Eddleston, Legacy Manager at Macmillan Cancer Support, said: “One of our key challenges is to raise awareness of gifts in wills as another way people can support our work.

“The gifts Macmillan Cancer Support receives from people in their wills are both vital and invaluable in helping us to ensure no one has to face cancer alone. They make up a third of all of our income – no matter what size, every legacy helps Macmillan provide vital support to people affected by cancer.

“We have decided to work with Calacus because we are confident they will help us to create talkability and quality conversations around legacies and will-writing, which can often be seen as a ‘taboo’ subject.”

Calacus Managing Director David Alexander said: “There is a saying that ‘there is nothing certain in life apart from death and taxes’ and while encouraging people to think about their own mortality is something of a taboo, legacy gifting is such an important source of revenue for charities.

“Legacy gifting has tax advantages as well as helping to support the vital work that Macmillan Cancer Support undertakes to help those affected by cancer in the UK and Calacus are tremendously excited to be supporting their vital work.”

Calacus won a competitive pitch involving two other agencies.



About Macmillan Cancer Support

Cancer is the toughest fight most of us will ever face. But you don’t have to go through it alone. The Macmillan team is with you every step of the way.

We are the nurses and therapists helping you through treatment. The experts on the end of the phone. The advisers telling you which benefits you’re entitled to. The volunteers giving you a hand with the everyday things. The campaigners improving cancer care. The fundraisers who make it all possible.

Over a third of the services we provide are made possible through the generous support provided by people leaving us a gift in their will.

We turn every legacy we receive into vital support for families living with cancer and without these precious gifts we wouldn’t be able to support as many families as we do today, let alone all those who need our support in the future.

We are Macmillan Cancer Support.

People wishing to find out more about Macmillan’s Legacy services should call 0800 107 4448 or visit   

For media inquiries please contact:

David Alexander, Calacus PR on 07802-412424 or
Aby Hawker, Calacus PR on 07795-593706 or
Kourtney Shaw, Calacus PR on 07731-769269 or
Gemma Mejer, Calacus PR on 07730-766195 or

PR Moment - If you want to connect with clients and journalists, pick up the phone

The dynamic digital world has changed every facet of PR work, in particular, how people network. But although if offers innovative ways to connect, it can’t replace good, old-fashioned conversation.

One way to meet people to build business is through industry networking events, and Kourtney Shaw, consultant at agency Calacus Public Relations, is a fan of these: “I particularly enjoy speed-networking events which are usually good fun. You have to master your elevator pitch, but it means that you and your partner get to the point quickly and can ascertain whether there is any immediate synergy.”

“Whatever networking option you decide, though, the most important thing is to develop a rapport with who you meet. In this day and age it’s all about who you know, so never undervalue the importance of talking to new people, rekindling old friendships and sharing information about your business. PR is fundamentally all about relationships, old and new.”

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PR Moment - How the youth of today are shaping PR

It can be tough getting started in a PR career, and as you get established, the challenges keep on coming. We interviewed PROs under 30 to find out what it is like to be young in PR these days. 

Why it is a minus to be young

Gemma Mejer: “If I’m honest I haven’t received any prejudice from clients or from journalists since being in PR. I’m under 30, look young and have bright, blonde hair. Sad to say, where I have felt discriminated against is at PR events and seminars attended by older professionals. Opinions and views are looked down upon because we haven’t been in the industry long enough and conversations are purposely led towards answers that us young PROs are unable to answer. But being in PR and being under 30 is only tough if you let it be.”

Gemma Mejer: “I hope for a future where everyone understands the value or PR and what we do. Most people don’t understand my job they just see it as ‘something to do with the media’.”

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PR expert: Kinnear job should have been handled better

PR expert: Kinnear job should have been handled better

Following some misguided comments by newly-appointed Newcastle United Director of Football Joe Kinnear about the fans and the manner in which the appointment had been communicated to the media, Calacus MD David Alexander was asked to comment by ITN:

PR expert David Alexander said Joe Kinnear's radio interviews would do little to endear him to the Newcastle fans.

Alexander, a CIPR chartered PR practitioner, said the club should have "controlled the message" of his appointment:

There’s no doubt that the appointment of Joe Kinnear could have been handled far better. He should also be instructed to only comment through official club channels rather than give unsolicited interviews that have created this storm in the first place.

As we’ve seen already, getting him to be ‘on-message’ is a tall order. He’s proud of speaking his mind and has clashed with the media in the past.

But he should have been under strict instructions not to speak to the media before the club made an official announcement.

That way, the club could have controlled the message and ensured that the right things were said and that manager Alan Pardew was supportive.

His comments about Geordies have been less than helpful at building bridges.


He suggested that the club's management should demonstrate a togetherness in order to win back the fans. A transfer move for former striker Andy Carroll would help alleviate the antagonism.

The best thing Newcastle’s PR department can do now is hold a press conference where Kinnear, Pardew and a director such as Derek Llambias discuss the strategy to move the club forward and move the discussion on from Kinnear’s appointment.

And the best way to prove that Kinnear’s appointment is worthwhile would be to bring back the prodigal son Andy Carroll to Newcastle, which along with plenty of positive and sincere messaging about his respect for the Newcastle fans, would go some way to alleviating the communication challenges in the short term.

Calacus Appointed To Provide Pan-European Sponsorship Support For Lionel Messi Autobiography

Leading sports sponsorship and PR consultancy Calacus has teamed up with Grupo Maori and EMA of London to promote the forthcoming autobiography of Lionel Messi, the world’s greatest footballer.

Lionel Messi, who scored a record of 91 goals in 2012 and won the Ballon D’Or for the fourth time, is launching his book, ‘Lionel Messi – The story of his life’ which will tell the story of the man behind the legend.

Grupo Maori, from Argentina, has exclusive rights to publish the book in association with UNICEF and FIFA and all funds from its sale will be used to support the activities of the Leo Messi Foundation, which provides education and healthcare for disadvantaged children.

Lionel Messi said: “I have worked so hard to get to where I am and I am determined to use my success to help young people less fortunate than myself. Seeing a child smile and find hope where none previously existed is precisely why I set up my Foundation in the first place.”

Calacus will utilise their network of contacts to broker sponsorship opportunities for the book and to raise awareness of it ahead of publication.

Calacus Managing Director David Alexander said: “As an Arsenal fan, I’ve been privileged to see first-hand what an incredible footballer Lionel Messi is – even if it has come at the expense of my beloved team! Calacus is tremendously excited to be working with Lionel to promote his new book, which, like the man himself, is bound to be a winner.”


About the Leo Messi Foundation

The Leo Messi Foundation was set up in 2007 to provide access to education and healthcare for under-privileged children.

To find out more please visit

Lionel Messi plays for FC Barcelona and Argentina.

‘Lionel Messi – The story of his life’ will be published in more than 50 countries and will be available in hard back and digital copies with material updated on a regular basis.

About Calacus

Calacus was established in 2007 by David Alexander, who has a wealth of experience as a sports sponsorship and PR consultant.

A journalist for the Sunday Telegraph, The Guardian, The Times and BBC for a decade, David joined Weber Shandwick, before working for Hill and Knowlton and Porter Novelli.

Calacus clients include the Laureus World Sports Awards; IOC Member Sergey Bubka; AIBA, the International Boxing Association; the British Sport Museum and international media agency, Mindshare.

About EMA of London

EMA of London is a dynamic international trade consultancy.

It helps companies from around the world find the best partners, agents or distributors to enter new overseas markets or expand in existing international markets. It connects clients to buyers or sellers so that they achieve maximum sales value for their products and services in their target market.


For more information, please contact David Alexander, Calacus:


or tel: +44 7802 - 412424     

Calacus Appointed To Support London Met Accelerator Business Incubator

Shoreditch specialist business incubator Accelerator has appointed Calacus to provide public relations and mentoring support at its East London headquarters.

Accelerator specialises in business development programmes for growing businesses in digital, media and design and also supports London Metropolitan University students looking to set up new businesses or gain vital workplace skills linked to their courses.

This is the second time Calacus has worked with Accelerator. In 2011/12 the agency mentored a group of students who ran the student PR agency on a pilot programme, which will now offer course credits for participating students.

David Alexander said: “I am passionate about helping young people and delighted that Calacus has been appointed to work with Accelerator. There are so many exciting businesses within the building and great stories to tell and the opportunity to fuse that with mentoring of PR students at London Met made it an opportunity too good to pass by.

“I shall be working closely with some of the brightest business talents in London and with the economy needing some good news stories, it’s great to be able to show the positive side of British business.”

Accelerator Manager Richard Celm believes that there is a huge opportunity to showcase the best of Shoreditch entrepreneurial talent.

Richard Celm said: “We have seen with the recent 2013 London Met Student Business Awards, what a high calibre of young entrepreneurs we have in Shoreditch and it’s really important that we tell their story and how we can help new businesses to grow and develop.

“Accelerator works with industry leaders in London who are often at the cutting edge of their profession and the fact that we have their support underlines what an important role we serve.”



London Metropolitan University (London Met) is a public research university located in London and was formed in 2002 by the amalgamation of the University of North London and London Guildhall University.

Our courses recently received top marks from the UK's Quality Assurance Agency. We are committed to delivering affordable quality education, and are proud of the diversity & achievements of our students, alumni and staff.

London Met current caters for almost 23000 students and has a large number of international students with over 190 nationalities represented.

London Met’s Student Enterprise Programme has been designed to offer current students and alumni with entrepreneurial ideas the guidance and support they really need in starting up their businesses. The programme runs many events and workshops which help boost entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.

Accelerator is a specialist business incubator in Shoreditch, the heart of London's ICT and digital media community. It specialises in business development programs for high value, innovative, growing businesses in information and communication technology, interactive media, e-learning and design.

To learn more about Accelerator, the London Met Student Business Awards or the London Met Student Enterprise program, please visit and

For more information please visit

For media inquiries please contact:

David Alexander – Calacus MD: 0844 357 3701

Richard Celm – Accelerator Manager: 020 7749 4848

Simon Boot – Student Enterprise Manager: 020 7749 4843  

PR Moment - Do good writers make the best PROs?

If you’ve come into PR because you love writing, have you made a big mistake? Writing skills are important, but some argue it is more vital for PROs to have a head for business and strategy. For example, it is essential to understand today’s online environment.

But if your main talent is writing, then as long as your skills are complemented by others in your team, then it is worth honing your craft.

If you are a creative type, it is possible to develop practical skills. David Alexander, managing director of PR agency Calacus, says it is a matter of challenging yourself: “It’s a commonly-held believe that PR consultants are mainly artistic people who predominantly use the right side of their brains while technical roles require individuals with more left-brain activity. Clearly as PR is evolving, us PR ‘artists’ are having to challenge ourselves by using the left side of our brains to fully master SEO and digital strategies. The evolutionary nature of public relations means that we are always learning and that new skills are required on a regular basis.”

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PR Moment - How the “public” is being put back into PR

Once PR focused on media relations, but now the word “public” is being put back into PR. The 24-hour online world and social media has meant the power and importance of PR is growing.

The power of mass media hasn’t gone away, however. There may have been a decline in the power of print media, but broadcast remains a force to be reckoned with.

Is PR moving back to its “roots”?

Kourtney Shaw, consultant at PR agency Calacus: “Public relations is not moving back to its roots, it’s moving forward in exciting and dynamic ways and we must harness this. Finding ways to measure our value is an ongoing challenge. PR is evolving faster than ever before. Media relations remains an integral part of our offering, but with journalists using social media, stories are moving much faster. It means we have to react more quickly, liaise directly with customers and provide an even greater level of strategic guidance.“

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CIPR announces two new Chartered Public Relations Practitioners

David Alexander MCIPR, Managing Director of Calacus and Stephen Waddington MCIPR, European Digital & Social Media Director at Ketchum have been announced by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) as the latest ‘Chartered Public Relations Practitioners’.

Chartered Public Relations Practitioner’ accreditation, the gold standard of professionalism in public relations practice, was awarded to David and Stephen after completing a rigorous assessment of his leadership, strategy, learning and innovation in communications; a comprehensive original piece of work; and a candidate interview, which together showcased their commitment to continuous learning and development.

David Alexander said:
“I have always believed that professional study is an integral part of public relations and I am delighted and honoured to have achieved Chartered status.

“Having been supported by many superb PR practitioners throughout my career – and helping many young consultants seeking to establish themselves in this fascinating and exciting industry – I fully believe that CIPR qualifications are a benchmark of excellence.

“PR sometimes struggles to justify its own worth but it is a profession that will play an increasingly integral role in society and it is up to us to ensure the highest possible standards are maintained at all times.”

Stephen Waddington said:
“Achieving Chartered Practitioner accreditation has been challenging. It sets a high benchmark and is comparable to the requirement placed on Chartered status in other professions such as accounting and marketing. If you believe as I do that the public relations industry needs to make the shift from a craft to a profession then you should sign up to Continuous Professional Development (CPD) via the CIPR and start your own journey to Chartered Practitioner.”

Commenting Jane Wilson MCIPR, CIPR CEO said:
“Chartered Practitioners are setting the bar for future generations of public relations leaders, by achieving the gold standard award for the CIPR and the public relations profession. This status delivers parity with other business disciplines, and supports our Royal Charter obligation to promote, for the public benefit, high levels of skill, knowledge, competence, standards of practice and professional conduct.  My huge congratulations to David and Stephen on this achievement.”

Notes to Editors
About the CIPR Chartered Public Relations Practitioner Programme

Chartered Public Relations Practitioner status is the highest professional standard awarded to members of the CIPR who have demonstrated an outstanding level of professional practice, knowledge, and a commitment to continuous learning and development. 

This is demonstrated by a Statement of Experience; an original piece of work of between 3,000 and 4,000 words critically reflecting on an issue or subject drawn from the candidate’s own professional experience; and, at interview. Full membership and participation on the CIPR’s Continuous Professional Development scheme is mandatory for those wishing to apply and also to retain the status.

A full list of current CIPR Chartered Public Relations Practitioners can be found via the CIPR website.

About the CIPR
Founded 1948, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations is the professional body for public relations practitioners in the UK. With 10,000 members involved in all aspects of PR, it is the largest body of its type in Europe. The CIPR advances the public relations profession in the UK by making its members accountable through a code of conduct, developing policies, representing its members and raising standards through education and training.

Andrew Ross
Senior Policy & Communications Officer
Tel: +44 (0)20 7631 6915
Mob: +44 (0)7891 202 484
Twitter: @AJMROSS
Chartered Institute of Public Relations, 52-53 Russell Square, London, WC1B 4HP

PR Moment - Why PR needs a makeover

The problem with PR is that everyone thinks they can do it. To an outsider who sees the way PR is portrayed on TV, a PRO’s job is to wine, dine and spin.

David Alexander, managing director of agency Calacus Public Relations:

“PR is associated with spin, unfortunately, rather than the great work practitioners do strategically to help brands. We’re not seen as creative as advertising or marketing, but perhaps we need to be more assertive as an industry about the benefits we bring to clients.”

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PR Moment - What is the perfect PR personality?

Are you really cut out for a career in PR?

There are some people who are made for this business, and they share certain characteristics.

Because it is so centred on communications, it is not surprising that PR tends to attract sociable people.

David Alexander, managing director of agency Calacus Public Relations:
“With so many varying types of PR account, from consumer to corporate, campaigning to charity, there are a range of requirements that suit most personalities. But if you’re easily disheartened by rejection or lack the initiative to find different ways of solving problems, PR may not be for you.”

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PR Moment: How can PR agencies keep their clients for longer?

How can agencies hold on to clients for longer?

Pitching for new business is costly, and losing a valued client even more so. It is in the agency’s interests to nurture its relationships with clients, so that they last. But agencies have to be realistic, not all relationships will stand the test of time.

David Alexander, Managing Director at Calacus Public Relations says:

Mix it up. For large accounts, agencies need to mix their teams up a little every few months. It’s important to get a blend between having fresh ideas and maintaining continuity.

Get closer and be personal. PR is all about people so it’s essential that consultants give their clients the personal service that they require rather than just tick coverage or target boxes without being close enough to a business to see how it evolves.

To read the rest of the article, please click HERE

Calacus appointed by International Boxing Association to provide London 2012 support

LONDON, July 18 2012 – Calacus has been appointed by the International Boxing Association (AIBA) to provide local public relations support during the London 2012 Olympic Games.

This is an historic Olympic Games for AIBA, with 36 Women Boxers competing for the very first time and 50 WSB Boxers qualified out of 250 Men competitors.

Calacus will provide strategic counsel and media relations support for AIBA during the Games, using its wide range of sports and international contacts to promote AIBA’s vision and support communications around the boxing competition.

The account will be led by Calacus Managing Director David Alexander, a former sports journalist at the Sunday Telegraph and The Guardian among others, and Laura Peek, a former news journalist at The Times and Daily Mail.

AIBA Communications Director Sébastien Gillot commented: “Doing good for your sport is one thing but letting the people know about it is another. With the London 2012 Olympic Games being a watershed moment for AIBA, we are pleased to welcome Calacus as a partner. We are convinced that their support will greatly contribute to the promotion of the sport of boxing as well as all of AIBA’s activities.”

Managing Director David Alexander said: “Calacus is looking forward to being part of the AIBA team during London2012. Boxing has gone through some controversial times of late but under the leadership of President Wu AIBA is leading by example and I’m sure London 2012 is going to be very exciting.”

The London 2012 Olympic Games boxing competition will take place at the ExCeL in Docklands.

Calacus won a pitch process involving four other UK agencies.



The first boxing competition at the modern Olympic Games was at the 1904 edition in St-Louis (USA) with bouts in seven weight divisions.

Several years later, representatives of the national associations of England, France, Belgium, Brazil and the Netherlands met in a preparatory conference for the foundation of an international boxing federation: The Fédération Internationale de Boxe Amateur (FIBA).

The official foundation of FIBA was celebrated on August 24th 1920 during the Olympic Games in Antwerp, Belgium. International competition grew rapidly, allowing amateurs to compete in prestigious tournaments.

In November 1946, following controversy surrounding some leading officials during World War II, FIBA was dissolved and the English Amateur Boxing Association, in partnership with the French Boxing Federation, decided to create AIBA; the Association Internationale de Boxe Amateur.

Almost 70 years later, AIBA continues to govern Olympic Games boxing with President Ching-Kuo (C.K.) Wu taking boxing into a new era, following his election as AIBA President in 2006.

One of C.K. Wu’s biggest achievements was spearheading a campaign that saw women's boxing confirmed as an Olympic sport in 2009. It will make its debut at London 2012.

President Wu has also established the AIBA Professional Boxing programme (APB), which aims to establish AIBA as the ultimate governing body for the sport of boxing. Boxers will keep the patronage of the same organisation throughout their career – from their first fight to professional bouts and Olympic boxing. APB is set to begin in early 2013.

For media inquiries please contact:

David Alexander, Calacus PR on 07802-412424 or OR

Laura Peek, Calacus PR on 07970-176314 or  

For more information about AIBA, please contact: AIBA PR & Communications Department on +41 21 621 80 02 or email


PR Moment: How to nail that PR job interview

It is an achievement to get to the interview stage for a dream PR job, so it is a shame to waste this opportunity by failing to do enough research beforehand.

As well as finding out about clients, David Alexander, managing director of agency Calacus Public Relations, says that you need to find out about the person interviewing you and follow them on social media. He adds: “I’ve had so many interviewees who turn up not knowing much and are either not a good fit or decide the company’s roster is not for them.”

Doing your homework is key, but this needs to be combined with enthusiasm. Alexander advises candidates to prove their passion for PR and show that they are ready to roll their sleeves up: “It’s tough out there, but if you can’t show how much you really would be an asset, you haven’t got a chance.”

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CALACUS appointed by Bespoke Performance Lab

Calacus has been appointed to handle media relations for Bespoke Performance Lab, the UK’s leading elite-level training and performance centre for serious amateur athletes.

Founded by physio Sarah Lawson and Barry Scott, Bespoke Performance Lab provides a range of services for the increasing number of amateur athletes who take part in long distance running events, triathlons and cycling events across the country.

Based in Farringdon, Bespoke Performance Lab brings together world class sports rehabilitation and training experts and founder Sarah Lawson commented: “Sport is becoming such an integral part of people’s lives these days, particularly with London 2012 almost upon us, and there is a huge demand for elite level sports services for the serious amateur.

“Bespoke Performance Lab works with a wide range of people from those who are training for their first marathon to those who are part of big city sports clubs who push themselves to the limit every weekend in the pursuit of new sporting achievements.

“We’re hugely excited about the range of services we are able to offer, from bike performance to running performance and state-of-the-art running altitude facilities for those taking part in oxygen-depleted events or activities and are delighted Calacus will be telling our story.”

Calacus will provide strategic counsel and media relations support for Bespoke Performance Lab and Managing Director David Alexander said: “Increasingly I have found that friends and clients are taking up serious sporting challenges that test them to the extreme. Bespoke Performance Lab offers a superb range of services and Calacus is delighted to be a part of their team.

“I’ve run the London Marathon five times myself and wish Bespoke Performance Lab had been around when I was in training – they could have helped me sort out knee problems much faster than I did and helped me finish in a much better time.”



The Bespoke Performance Lab is the UK’s leading elite-level training and performance centre for serious amateur athletes.

Providing a unique combination of treatments and services, the Bespoke Performance Lab brings together first class specialists in their fields, who have worked at the highest level in the world of sport.

The Bespoke Performance Lab helps amateur athletes to reach their sporting goals and improve their performances through scientific and sporting expertise.

The Bespoke Performance Lab offers a state-of-the-art altitude chamber using the latest technology; 3D Retul motion capture bike fitting and rehabilitation; biomechanical running analysis; physiotherapy; and physiological testing.

With over 30 years of experience treating athletes from novices to elite level, Bespoke Performance Lab helps amateur athletes to avoid injuries, overcome enduring sports problems and perfect their form.

Athletes attending the Bespoke Performance Lab can combine a selection of treatments and services for a wide range of sporting challenges and goals.

For more information about the Bespoke Performance Lab, please call 0207 837 0647 or email 

PR Moment: What are the must-have skills in PR today?

It might be an exciting, rewarding career, but working in PR is hard work. That’s why the number one quality a PRO needs is enthusiasm.

David Alexander, managing director of agency Calacus Public Relations, agrees with Shortt that being passionate is a start, but this needs to be combined with other key skills, including understanding how the media works: “Anyone working in PR must be a great communicator and have a nose for a story. Knowing what will be of interest to the media or other audiences and having the conviction to follow it through from client buy-in to publication is essential.”

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