Calacus Appointed To Support Medichecks Health Tests

Calacus has been appointed to provide public relations support for online blood testing and health checks business, MediChecks, which enables individuals to take control of their health and wellbeing by providing a wide range health tests directly to the consumer. 

MediChecks offers more than 1200 tests and health checks many of which can be conducted in the home by use of new tiny sample collection kits. All tests are assessed by accredited laboratories and with discreet, secure online test results, some of which are available on the same day with the London service. 

Calacus will provide media relations, strategic consultancy and social media support for MediChecks and Calacus Managing Director David Alexander said: “Trying to get a doctor’s appointment for routine tests is often a real challenge and Medichecks has a superb record in providing an alternative for people who want to take their health into their own hands.

“Calacus works with a range of sports, health and fitness clients and we’re really excited about contributing to the Medichecks success story.”

MediChecks Joint Managing Director, Helen Marsden, said: “I have always had an abiding interest in health and in particular in preventative health and Medichecks provides an alternative to busy doctor’s surgeries and expensive private consultations.

“My vision is that Medichecks will provide a service for busy and knowledgeable people who are no longer content to sit around waiting for GPs’ appointments, will no longer put up with being given the bare minimum of information they need to understand their own health issues, and will not wait for important results about their health.”


Established in 2002, Medichecks are pioneers in the provision of online blood testing and health screening.

Medichecks offers more than 1200 blood tests, urine tests and health checks, assessed by accredited laboratories and with discreet, secure online test results and same day blood tests available in London.

Helping individuals to take charge of their future health and well-being, Medichecks health screening is affordable, convenient, confidential and accurate.

Medichecks helps individuals who need to understand their own health issues and do not want to wait for important results about their health. Their tests also provide information for individuals who wish to know whether their fitness and wellbeing regimes are having the right results. 

Test results are sent to one of the UK's foremost, state-of-the-art accredited laboratories in the heart of London's medical district meaning that Medichecks clients can be confident of accurate and reliable results.

Medichecks also has one of the largest networks of clinics and hospitals across the UK with discreet and confidential online reporting.

Clients who trust Medichecks to deliver their health screening provision efficiently and affordably include Virgin Media, Investors in People, St John Ambulance and Sports Direct. 

To find out more about Medichecks, please visit or call 08456 029 029