PR Moment – Who are the best clients to work with in PR?

We asked agency chiefs who their favourite clients are. They may not have named any names, but clients who stand out are the ones they have a personal relationship with, those who understand PR and who are also honest and straight-talking. Mind you, it also helps if they pay on time and create fantastic products and services!

My favourite clients

Warren Heath, senior consultant at agency Calacus Public Relations:

There is always going to be a bit of give and take and compromise when it comes to a client-agency relationship, that is the nature of the beast. However, there are certain attributes that a client may possess, that makes working with them a much more straightforward and constructive process. From a personal viewpoint, a dream client for me will ideally:

  • understand the media landscape and what makes a good story;

  • have personal experience working both in-house and agency side;

  • be a straight talker and be prepared to have an honest and frank discussion;

  • have a collaborative approach and be aware that we’re both working towards common goals;

  • give a fast turnaround on approval process and have an open dialogue

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