How blockchain and Caroline Wozniacki can get people more active

By Ada Jonuse, Lympo CEO

Are you reading this at your desk?

Or are you sitting at the dinner table, on a train or bus or even sitting in the park?

Wherever you are, the fact is, screen time has become a dominant aspect of our lives and for many of us, it is no longer done in moderation.

It’s pretty hard to look at a screen and be active at the same time, right?

That’s why we have created Lympo to motivate people to be healthy and unite the biggest fitness and healthy lifestyle community in the world. 

The Lympo vision is to improve the health and well-being of people around the world by providing tangible incentives via the Blockchain platform. We are disrupting the fitness market by connecting with health industries directly through the use of this technology.

We believe at Lympo that we have internal motivation to be healthy but it often needs a push and so getting rewards for being fit can really inspire more people to be healthy.

While hundreds of millions of people record their fitness and wellness data on multiple running, exercising, diet, meditation, sleep tracking and other apps, their users cannot aggregate and store, share or monetise this data.

There is a lot said about the use of data these days but Lympo will give people the chance to monetise their data by sharing it with any kind of business that uses this data, when it is connected to other fitness apps or wearables that people already use.

The major difference you have from other rewards programs such as airmiles for instance is that our LYM tokens will change in value and people exchange them for currency as well as fitness rewards. All of this will be done through blockchain so that our users have absolute assurance of transparency and security.

We’ve already done a lot of work promoting the app and the vision behind it, but to reach an even wider audience, we looked for a strong athlete who was exciting to a wide global audience.

Tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki is an inspiration for millions of people globally and Lympo see her leadership as an example we want to follow. 

She takes fitness very seriously, beyond just tennis. She also ran the New York Marathon and she does boxing and swimming as part of her healthy lifestyle.

Caroline was recently named by Forbes as the world's most influential female athlete and chose to become Lympo app ambassador to further enhance her fitness mission.

Caroline is the first female athlete to endorse a blockchain product and when we announced her as an ambassador, she said: “Sport is my life and what motivates me every morning when I wake up to work hard and be the best I can be. I believe in Lympo’s goal to encourage people to exercise and be healthy.

“Lympo has a game-changing idea to use technology to inspire positive lifestyle changes and I was particularly impressed by the plans for its Foundation which will support sports events around the world.”

We’re really excited about the app launch and you can find out more HERE