CALACUS appointed by Bespoke Performance Lab

Calacus has been appointed to handle media relations for Bespoke Performance Lab, the UK’s leading elite-level training and performance centre for serious amateur athletes.

Founded by physio Sarah Lawson and Barry Scott, Bespoke Performance Lab provides a range of services for the increasing number of amateur athletes who take part in long distance running events, triathlons and cycling events across the country.

Based in Farringdon, Bespoke Performance Lab brings together world class sports rehabilitation and training experts and founder Sarah Lawson commented: “Sport is becoming such an integral part of people’s lives these days, particularly with London 2012 almost upon us, and there is a huge demand for elite level sports services for the serious amateur.

“Bespoke Performance Lab works with a wide range of people from those who are training for their first marathon to those who are part of big city sports clubs who push themselves to the limit every weekend in the pursuit of new sporting achievements.

“We’re hugely excited about the range of services we are able to offer, from bike performance to running performance and state-of-the-art running altitude facilities for those taking part in oxygen-depleted events or activities and are delighted Calacus will be telling our story.”

Calacus will provide strategic counsel and media relations support for Bespoke Performance Lab and Managing Director David Alexander said: “Increasingly I have found that friends and clients are taking up serious sporting challenges that test them to the extreme. Bespoke Performance Lab offers a superb range of services and Calacus is delighted to be a part of their team.

“I’ve run the London Marathon five times myself and wish Bespoke Performance Lab had been around when I was in training – they could have helped me sort out knee problems much faster than I did and helped me finish in a much better time.”



The Bespoke Performance Lab is the UK’s leading elite-level training and performance centre for serious amateur athletes.

Providing a unique combination of treatments and services, the Bespoke Performance Lab brings together first class specialists in their fields, who have worked at the highest level in the world of sport.

The Bespoke Performance Lab helps amateur athletes to reach their sporting goals and improve their performances through scientific and sporting expertise.

The Bespoke Performance Lab offers a state-of-the-art altitude chamber using the latest technology; 3D Retul motion capture bike fitting and rehabilitation; biomechanical running analysis; physiotherapy; and physiological testing.

With over 30 years of experience treating athletes from novices to elite level, Bespoke Performance Lab helps amateur athletes to avoid injuries, overcome enduring sports problems and perfect their form.

Athletes attending the Bespoke Performance Lab can combine a selection of treatments and services for a wide range of sporting challenges and goals.

For more information about the Bespoke Performance Lab, please call 0207 837 0647 or email