PR Moment - Pick up the phone to connect with clients and media

The dynamic digital world has changed every facet of PR work, in particular, how people network. But although if offers innovative ways to connect, it can’t replace good, old-fashioned conversation.

One way to meet people to build business is through industry networking events, and Kourtney Shaw, consultant at agency Calacus Public Relations, is a fan of these: “I particularly enjoy speed-networking events which are usually good fun. You have to master your elevator pitch, but it means that you and your partner get to the point quickly and can ascertain whether there is any immediate synergy.”

“Whatever networking option you decide, though, the most important thing is to develop a rapport with who you meet. In this day and age it’s all about who you know, so never undervalue the importance of talking to new people, rekindling old friendships and sharing information about your business. PR is fundamentally all about relationships, old and new.”

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