PR Moment - Do good writers make the best PROs?

If you’ve come into PR because you love writing, have you made a big mistake? Writing skills are important, but some argue it is more vital for PROs to have a head for business and strategy. For example, it is essential to understand today’s online environment.

But if your main talent is writing, then as long as your skills are complemented by others in your team, then it is worth honing your craft.

If you are a creative type, it is possible to develop practical skills. David Alexander, managing director of PR agency Calacus, says it is a matter of challenging yourself: “It’s a commonly-held believe that PR consultants are mainly artistic people who predominantly use the right side of their brains while technical roles require individuals with more left-brain activity. Clearly as PR is evolving, us PR ‘artists’ are having to challenge ourselves by using the left side of our brains to fully master SEO and digital strategies. The evolutionary nature of public relations means that we are always learning and that new skills are required on a regular basis.”

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