Calacus Support London Met Accelerator Business Incubator

Shoreditch specialistbusiness incubator Accelerator has appointed Calacus to provide public relations and mentoring support at its East London headquarters.

Accelerator specialises in business development programmes for growing businesses in digital, media and design and also supports London Metropolitan University students looking to set up new businesses or gain vital workplace skills linked to their courses.

This is the second time Calacus has worked with Accelerator. In 2011/12 the agency mentored a group of students who ran the student PR agency on a pilot programme, which will now offer course credits for participating students.

David Alexander said: “I am passionate about helping young people and delighted that Calacus has been appointed to work with Accelerator. There are so many exciting businesses within the building and great stories to tell and the opportunity to fuse that with mentoring of PR students at London Met made it an opportunity too good to pass by.

“I shall be working closely with some of the brightest business talents in London and with the economy needing some good news stories, it’s great to be able to show the positive side of British business.”

Accelerator Manager Richard Celm believes that there is a huge opportunity to showcase the best of Shoreditch entrepreneurial talent.

Richard Celm said: “We have seen with the recent 2013 London Met Student Business Awards, what a high calibre of young entrepreneurs we have in Shoreditch and it’s really important that we tell their story and how we can help new businesses to grow and develop.

“Accelerator works with industry leaders in London who are often at the cutting edge of their profession and the fact that we have their support underlines what an important role we serve.”



London Metropolitan University (London Met) is a public research university located in London and was formed in 2002 by the amalgamation of the University of North London and London Guildhall University.

Our courses recently received top marks from the UK's Quality Assurance Agency. We are committed to delivering affordable quality education, and are proud of the diversity & achievements of our students, alumni and staff.

London Met current caters for almost 23000 students and has a large number of international students with over 190 nationalities represented.

London Met’s Student Enterprise Programme has been designed to offer current students and alumni with entrepreneurial ideas the guidance and support they really need in starting up their businesses. The programme runs many events and workshops which help boost entrepreneurial skills and knowledge.

Accelerator is a specialist business incubator in Shoreditch, the heart of London's ICT and digital media community. It specialises in business development programs for high value, innovative, growing businesses in information and communication technology, interactive media, e-learning and design.

To learn more about Accelerator, the London Met Student Business Awards or the London Met Student Enterprise program, please visit and

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For media inquiries please contact:

David Alexander – Calacus MD: 0844 357 3701

Richard Celm – Accelerator Manager: 020 7749 4848

Simon Boot – Student Enterprise Manager: 020 7749 4843