PR Moment - How the “public” is being put back into PR

Once PR focused on media relations, but now the word “public” is being put back into PR. The 24-hour online world and social media has meant the power and importance of PR is growing.

The power of mass media hasn’t gone away, however. There may have been a decline in the power of print media, but broadcast remains a force to be reckoned with.

Is PR moving back to its “roots”?

Kourtney Shaw, consultant at PR agency Calacus: “Public relations is not moving back to its roots, it’s moving forward in exciting and dynamic ways and we must harness this. Finding ways to measure our value is an ongoing challenge. PR is evolving faster than ever before. Media relations remains an integral part of our offering, but with journalists using social media, stories are moving much faster. It means we have to react more quickly, liaise directly with customers and provide an even greater level of strategic guidance.“

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