PR Moment - How the youth of today are shaping PR

It can be tough getting started in a PR career, and as you get established, the challenges keep on coming. We interviewed PROs under 30 to find out what it is like to be young in PR these days. 

Why it is a minus to be young

Gemma Mejer: “If I’m honest I haven’t received any prejudice from clients or from journalists since being in PR. I’m under 30, look young and have bright, blonde hair. Sad to say, where I have felt discriminated against is at PR events and seminars attended by older professionals. Opinions and views are looked down upon because we haven’t been in the industry long enough and conversations are purposely led towards answers that us young PROs are unable to answer. But being in PR and being under 30 is only tough if you let it be.”

Gemma Mejer: “I hope for a future where everyone understands the value or PR and what we do. Most people don’t understand my job they just see it as ‘something to do with the media’.”

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