PR Moment – Working in PR, why can't you switch off from work?

According to research by software company Workfront, half of marketing and comms professionals check on their work emails in their spare time, so instead of switching off, they are logging in.

Key findings of the survey are:

  • Compared to other UK industries, marketing and comms is a profession full of over-workers

  • Almost half of marketers (48.9%) log into work emails before and after business hours every day

  • Nearly 50% of marketers (48%) admit to checking their work emails every weekend, almost double that of general office workers (28%)

David Alexander, managing director at agency Calacus Public Relations, says:
“With a small team, I always used to check my emails all the time on holiday. The first time I decided not to, I got acute food poisoning and ended up on a drip in hospital for five days of a week-long break. The second time I decided not to look at all, a major story broke and I ended up writing a very sensitive release and managing media for a key client. I try hard not to look more than once at weekends but when crisis hits, it invariably comes at unsociable hours and clients require senior counsel. It’s part and parcel of the job.”

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