PR Moment: Was it your ambition to work in Public Relations?

From being a fashion designer to a sports journalist, these PR heads failed to fulfil their childhood ambitions. But they are more than happy that things didn’t go to plan. Here they describe their earliest dreams and what went wrong, and eventually, right.

David Alexander, director at agency Calacus Public Relations:

“I wanted to be a sports journalist from the age of about seven and dreamed of living in Italy. I recall going to a careers lecture at university where we were told that of those of us in the room who eventually became journalists, more than half would end up in PR. I was convinced it was something I would never do.

I ended up working for local newspapers and then the BBC, Guardian, Sunday Telegraph and Reuters based in Rome, among others, but as advertising budgets became tighter, I looked into PR at the age of 27 and am delighted I did so.”

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