PR Moment: Ten reasons to be cheerful about PR in 2012

There are ten reasons to be cheerful about 2012 says PR experts. From London 2012 Olympics to the US elections, there‘s a great deal to be thankful for.
Three advantages of PR as a discipline are suggested by David Alexander, director at agency Calacus Public Relations:
PR is cost-effective – “Companies large and small need to engage with their audiences and with advertising proving to be more expensive and less likely to influence the public, PR will continue to prove its worth in the media/marketing mix.”
PR is adaptable – “In today’s unpredictable climate, committing to large advertising campaigns can be daunting for companies while PR campaigns can be tailored more readily.”
PROs are cheerleaders – “In this gloomy world we’re living in, it’s great for PR consultants to be able to spread a little positivity and optimism.”

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