PR Moment – Making PR flexible benefits the industry and parents

While nearly half of British workers would like to work flexibly, only around 6 per cent of all job ads offer this and disappointingly, only 2 per cent of PR job ads do (source: Timewise Flexible Jobs Index). So, on the face of it, If you want to work flexible hours, then you should look for a job out of PR, and preferably out of the UK!

But this does not mean all PR firms operate as if we are still in the 1950s, and many senior PR people campaign for a more flexible working culture.

David Alexander, managing director of agency Calacus Public Relations:
“We live in a world where virtually everyone has a smartphone, wifi is universal and cloud computing is the norm. It makes sense to embrace flexible working, and there are so many returning PR mums who are looking for a role that fits around their ongoing parenting needs.

We have always encouraged our staff to take control of their own agenda and I believe that treating them like grown ups encourages a high standard of work. More often than not, they actually work harder because they want to be sure that they are proving their worth.”

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