Tammy Abraham – authenticity is key for media interviews

At Calacus, we undertake a lot of media training with our clients.

Knowing what to say and how to say it is vital in today’s 24/7 news cycle.

For Premier League footballers, the scrutiny is always intense, with national and international media keen to find an angle that will make their story stand out.

As a striker for Swansea City, Tammy Abraham is just starting his professional career but has already learnt a great deal about handling interviews.

The Colin Kaepernick affair: Should sport and politics ever mix?

Sport and politics should never mix.

That was the view of former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott ahead of the NRL Grand Final after calling for a pro-gay rights song to be banned from the half-time entertainment.

Abbott’s comments on sport and politics seem odd considering that Department of Finance records show taxpayers paid for him and his family to attend numerous sporting events during his time in office.

In reality, sport and politics have always been intertwined; whether it be the Black Power salute at the 1968 Olympics Games, the 1972 shooting of Israeli athletes, or numerous international teams that boycotted South Africa during the apartheid era or missed out at the 1980 or 1984 Olympic Games because of government boycotts.

Essex CCC – County Champions hit social media for six

Essex had spent just one of their previous 13 seasons in the top tier of the County Championship prior to last summer.

Odds-on favourites to be relegated, they defied all expectations by completing a remarkable unbeaten season this year that saw them secure their first Division One title since 1992. 

Following an unprecedented two years of glory, Calacus spoke to Alastair Cliffe, Media and Communications Officer at Essex Cricket, to find how they have adapted their communications strategy to match their on-field success.

UCI's days of one crisis after another are a distant memory – Brian Cookson

Cycling has made tremendous progress over the past four years and the days of us lurching from one crisis to another are a distant memory.

Cycling was broken. Our relationships were broken with fans, sponsors, the IOC, WADA and the media. 

Someone had to show leadership, to stand up, bring the Cycling Family together and say ‘things have to change.’ I was prepared to put my head above the parapet where no one else dared.

LETOU 'Goals for Good' – giving back is vital for shirt sponsors

When you invest in shirt sponsorship, raising awareness and increasing revenues are high up the list of priorities.

For companies based beyond British borders, who they sponsor comes down to affordability or profile more than anything else.

But that’s not been the case for LETOU, the new sponsor of Swansea City, who announced their partnership with the Premier League club in the summer.