Merci Arsène – Communication lessons from Arsène Wenger

So after 22 years, Arsenal manager Arsène Wenger has announced that he is leaving the club at the end of the season.

For most other clubs, three FA Cup wins in the past four years would be seen as a success.

But such are the expectations that Wenger had set, failing to compete for the Premier League and Champions League created discord that saw many fans calling for change, particularly this season when Arsenal have fallen so far behind the challengers at the top of the table.

Facing regular press conferences with journalists hungry for stories, Wenger has been a pass-master at managing the media and maintaining a positive image despite criticism over results.

So what can we learn from how Le Professeur managed media?

How should Ulster Rugby Club and shamed players have handled rape scandal?

The fallout following a rape trial involving Ireland and Ulster players has dominated the news in Northern Ireland for some time.

Paddy Jackson and Stuart Olding were cleared of rape in March but such has been the depth of feeling surrounding the case that protests and declarations of support have overshadowed on-field performances.

WhatsApp messages read out in court were derogatory towards women to say the least, giving an insight into lad culture and a world where professional sportsmen treat women with little or no respect.

This sorry affair has brought to the fore a national conversation about sex education, sexual consent and the education of young people in general.

US Soccer President Carlos Cordeiro – 2026 will inspire a new generation

Carlos Cordeiro has served on U.S. Soccer's board of directors since 2007 and was appointed as Vice President in 2016.

In February, he was elected as U.S. Soccer President, winning 68.6 percent of the vote on the third ballot after a campaign built on a vision to grow the game at all levels and make soccer the pre-eminent sport in America.

Calacus caught up with the new President to find out more about his plans to grow U.S. Soccer and secure the hosting of the FIFA World Cup in 2026...

"Worldwide expansion is our aim" – PDC

When Dave Allen joined the Professional Darts Corporation (PDC) as Head of Media in 2004, there was no such thing as Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat; and Facebook was still in its infancy.

He was a one-man media department armed with just a website at his disposal, and televised darts was limited to just a handful of events mainly held in this country.

Fast forward to the present day and darts is a global sport, with the 2017/18 World Championship final watched by 1.4 million people in the UK and a record 2.7 million in Germany.

Allen feels that the exponential growth of the sport has stemmed from the PDC’s investment in social media.

“The Commonwealth can be a force for good at a time of global instability” – Ben Nichols, Commonwealth Games Federation

Ben Nichols joined the Commonwealth Games Federation (CGF) late last year after four years working in Montreal for the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

With the Commonwealth Games in the Gold Coast, Australia, coming up in early April, Calacus spoke to Ben to find out more about his move and what makes the Commonwealth different.  

"With impressive high ticket sales, a dynamic volunteer programme and with GOLDOC’s strong stance in embracing the Commonwealth Sports Movement’s industry-leading Gender Equality strategy, no stone has been left unturned to ensure that the Games will leave a long-term impact; and that for many years people will remember the distinctive Commonwealth sporting brand that will have left its mark on this fast-growing city," said Nichols.