Elon Musk Tweet Storm shows the need to balance authenticity with authority

Authenticity is a fundamental element of communications.

While CEOs have to focus on the day job, growing businesses and increasing profits while satisfying shareholders, staff, customers and the greater good, communicating directly via social media channels now helps them to stay in touch, to appear human and to see what their stakeholders are saying.

Tesla and Space X founder Elon Musk has significantly upped his Twitter usage in recent months and has more than 22m followers, no doubt entertained by his rambunctious tone.

Sometimes nicknamed the real-life Iron Man because of his love for innovative technology, Musk also seems to have a thin skin if anyone criticises him or his companies…

Five communications lessons from England manager Gareth Southgate

There’s always been huge expectation about the England football team.

Tournament after tournament, the England team have disappointed or fallen short, most often after the lottery of a penalty shoot-out.

Ahead of the World Cup in Russia this summer, it’s fair to say that the level of expectation was not as high as for previous squads, although England’s early Group stage victories resulted in the inevitable declarations that “It’s coming home!”

But there is no doubt that Gareth Southgate has been a revelation since taking over as England coach.

How blockchain can get people more active – with a little help from Caroline Wozniacki

Are you reading this at your desk?

Or are you sitting at the dinner table, on a train or bus or even sitting in the park?

Wherever you are, the fact is, screen time has become a dominant aspect of our lives and for many of us, it is no longer done in moderation.

It’s pretty hard to look at a screen and be active at the same time, right?

That’s why we have created Lympo to motivate people to be healthy and unite the biggest fitness and healthy lifestyle community in the world. 

Should women compete against men in sport?

There are very few sports that allow women and men to compete on an even playing field.

Women are seen as lacking physicality or technique, and in almost every sport in the world are provided with inferior funding. While other sports provide barriers to participation for women, Formula One powerboating continues to be an inspiring exception.

Marit Strømøy has been competing in the F1H2O World Championship for almost a decade and is the only female to have claimed a Grand Prix victory. The Norwegian pilot was one of three women that competed at Royal Victoria Dock earlier this month as the World Championship returned to London for the first time in over 30 years.

"The World Cup is thrilling: but FIFA must change" – Bonita Mersiades

I’ve loved football since I was knee high to a grasshopper.

The fact that my country, Australia, competed at the World Cup for the fourth consecutive time, fifth in total, is simply wonderful.

But one of the things I’ve had to learn to do in football is divorce my love of the game from the way the game is run. If you don’t, everything we know about football, and the way those who are the custodians of the game have behaved, is enough to put you off it for life.