Is the latest Tiger Woods scandal the end for one of golf’s icons?

When a young African American took the world of golf by storm, he redefined what it meant to play what had until then been a predominantly white male preserve.

No black man had even been allowed to play the course until six years before 1997, when 21-year-old Woods delivered one of the greatest performances ever seen at a golf major.

Quickly becoming World Number One, Woods won 14 majors and become the first sportsman to earn over $1 billion

And then it all fell apart...

It's only a matter of time before most clubs have an esports team – Fnatic

Esports has got everyone talking and experts predict that it will attract global revenues of more than £1bn by 2020.

Organised, competitive computer gaming that can be staged in front of a live audience and millions more online, it's no wonder that top professional sports teams are already seeing the value in creating their own esports teams. 

Róisín O'Shea is Senior Partnerships Manager at Fnatic, whose players attend more than 75 international events per year, and she believes that esports are "one of the most impactful things happening in the world of sport and entertainment.

"Millions of people tune in online to the tournaments, hundreds of thousands watch players stream their games online, and social media engagement is bigger and better than any other sport. Prize money in some titles can reach $21m, and the pot is getting bigger."

After another PR disaster, what can we learn from the United Airlines crisis?

Images of a passenger being forcibly removed from a United Airlines flight dominated the news recently.

And then this weekend, a flight attendant after he was filmed challenging a passenger to a fight at the front of an aircraft cabin.

‘United Airlines PR disaster’ currently has more than three million hits on Google. For an airline which boasts the slogan ‘fly the friendly skies,’ the fact that the incident came so soon after two teenagers were blocked from a flight for wearing leggings underlines consistent mismanagement.

So what can sports brands learn from the catalogue of errors that hit United’s reputation and share price, particularly if you have never encountered a threat to your reputation before?

Sport needed an independent networking organisation to bring the industry together – Nigel Fletcher, SDM

Sport is big business and networking is key for individuals and organisations in the global sports industry.

Nigel Fletcher runs Sports Development Marketing (SDM), which has launched the International Sports Chamber of Commerce, which holds events in London, Lausanne and New York to name but a few.

"I set up SDM in 2009 after five years at FIFA because I believed there was a void in the business to business networking and events space globally.

"I had a vision to bring all the different components of the sports industry together from both a commercial and development perspective.

"I also felt that the industry needed an independent organisation to do this, so SDM was set up and we embarked upon this journey."

Modern Pentathlon is exciting because anyone can win – Pier Paolo Petroni

The modern pentathlon is an event like no other.

While most athletes focus years of training into a single sport, this event requires the versatility to cope with the demands of five very different disciplines.

Pier Paolo Petroni represented Italy at the Rio Olympics and the 29-year-old believes that the widespread of sports in the event is what makes it so special.

“There are many different variables in the modern pentathlon compared to a single event like swimming where you already know what your time will be,” he said.