The Carragher crisis – should he stay or should he go now?

When a footballer becomes front page news, it doesn’t take much for the commentators, pundits and fans to create a storm of controversy that can dominate the agenda for days on end.

In the case of Jamie Carragher, the former Liverpool and England defender, the fact that he was filmed spitting at fans in a car who were goading him, leaves little room for excuses.

Carragher, now a well-renowned pundit for Sky Sports and the Telegraph newspaper, may well have been frustrated after watching his former club defeated 2-1 by arch-rivals Manchester United, but his actions could end his career.

Is #MeToo McCarthyism?? Why the Presidents Club scandal underlines the need for progress over proclamation

Since the Harvey Weinstein scandal hit Hollywood in 2017, women’s rights and sexual impropriety became an issue at the heart of the entertainment industry and beyond.

Sexual impropriety and predatory behaviour have been outed on a regular basis since, with the likes of Kevin Spacey under the spotlight and US Olympic gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar sentenced to 40 to 175 years after testimony from nearly 160 of his victims.

Back in London, a scandal has erupted this week after revelations by Financial Times journalist Madison Marriage highlighted the raucous and inappropriate behaviour at the men-only Presidents Club charity dinner at The Dorchester Hotel and it's clear that there is still great scope for progress.

The top ten sports PR crises of 2017 - and what we can learn from them

It is no surprise in this era of rolling 24/7 news, smartphones and social media that crises occur on a regular basis.

Organisations and the people that work within them make mistakes and no more so than in the high profile worldof sport. 

This week, for instance, Nigeria international Alex Iwobi was filmed at a party the day before Arsenal's humiliating defeat against Nottingham Forest, provoking front page headlines.

It is said that crisis and opportunity go hand-in-hand and there are certainly lessons to learn from some of the notable controversies of the past 12 months.

Here's our take on some of the big sports controversies of 2017 and how to deal with similar problems that you may encounter. 

Is Fake News real – and what can you do about it?

Back in my days as a journalist, I saw all sorts of misbehaviour amongst the fourth estate.

I witnessed reporters filing quotes before conducting an interview and writing false stories with such conviction that they probably believed their tales to be true.

‘Fake news’ has become more prevalent as the media becomes more fragmented and content creation goes beyond traditional media to include anyone with an internet connection and a device to upload and publish as it wishes. 

Katie Summerhayes: From Sochi to PyeongChang, representing Team GB is the pinnacle

Turning 18-years-old and transitioning into adulthood brings with it many pressures for young people.

For Sheffield’s Katie Summerhayes, however, the pressures she faced were unlike any other. While many filled out university applications and prepared to sit A level exams, Summerhayes represented Team GB at the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games.

Four years on and with the 2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympic Games just around the corner, Calacus spoke to her to find out how she prepared for an event of that magnitude while still only a teenager.